Paddy Bird

   paddy bird

Founder & Editor of Inside The Edit

Paddy Bird is one of television’s most prolific and accomplished editors. For the past fifteen years he has edited dozens of prime time documentary, entertainment and reality TV shows for British and American television. He has even worked in war zones, spending time editing news stories on location in Iraq.

Paddy has worked on multiple seasons of many of the world’s most renowned format shows including X Factor, Big Brother, Wife Swap and Secret Millionaire while at the same time editing numerous high-end political, historical and observational documentaries.

He is a voting member of the prestigious BAFTA Editing Chapter and has spent many years teaching Final Cut Pro and Avid at Soho Editors, Europe’s largest post production training centre.

He has taught hundreds of producers, directors, cameramen, video engineers and professional editors from production companies and broadcasters around the world.